Alternative App Centre

Welcome to the Alternative App Centre: A collection of privacy-conscious tools, apps, and services.

The apps and services listed here are offered by people we likely do not personally know. Though they make various promises about respecting your privacy and protecting your data, ultimately an element of trust is involved in using these, or any, apps and services.

While you’re at it, Declutter Your Phone with an App Cleanse to learn more tips and tricks on choosing private apps and services.

Browser Add-Ons/Extensions

Practice minimalism when using browser add-ons and extensions to minimize the risk of third parties having access to your browsing data, as well as reduce your traces online.

HTTPS Everywhere

Makes your browsing more secure

Privacy Badger

Blocks third-party trackers

Neat URL

Removes tracking parameters from links (for Chrome and Firefox).

uBlock Origin

A content filter and ad-blocker. Available for Firefox and Chrome