Yusuf Ganyana

Engaging Youth on Critical Digital Literacy in Kenya

Yusuf Ganyana is a digital and media literacy trainer and facilitator as well as an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) officer of the Kenyan National Library Service. In 2020, Yusuf connected with the Data Detox Kit over Twitter when he published photos from his workshop on digital privacy. Several partnerships between Yusuf and Tactical Tech have since formed, as were showcased in 2022 by What the Future Wants (where he reached over 200 young people and educators) and Digital You (where he reached 290 teens and young adults) initiatives.

Yusuf aims to raise awareness among Kenyan youth about the transformative power of technology and their digital rights by encouraging young people to take control of their online presence, protect their privacy, and make informed digital choices. He bridges the knowledge gap through multiple modalities: by holding engaging talks, facilitating workshops inspired by the Data Detox Kit and Digital Enquirer Kit, and hosting What The Future Wants exhibitions, raising awareness about digital rights and the profound implications of technology.

Photo of kids playing a password dice game Kids playing a password dice game from a 2022 workshop in Kenya, photo courtesy of Yusuf

“The collaboration's impact has been truly gratifying thus far, as we witness the knowledge and empowerment spreading among the youth. By seizing every opportunity, we are making a significant difference in fostering digital literacy, privacy protection, and responsible digital citizenship. We remain committed to driving positive change.” — Yusuf

Photo of kids filling out the Data Detox x Youth workbook Kids filling out the Data Detox x Youth workbook in a 2022 workshop in Kenya, photo courtesy of Yusuf

In a 2023 partnership with the Data Detox Kit, Yusuf built a digital community of over 280 strong, empowered, and responsible youth in Kenya.

Yusuf has collected quotes in order to demonstrate the impressions of his young participants:

  • “The session was impactful, I liked the examples given.”
  • “I will mind what I post and use a strong password.”
  • “I will help those experiencing cyberbullying.”
  • “I will not share all my information with people.”
  • “Before spreading a message, have a verifiable source.”

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, Yusuf identified young individuals as local trainers-of-trainers (ToTs). Through a comprehensive training program in spring of 2023 and by building a network of multipliers, they became advocates of this work with Tactical Tech and agents of change within their communities. Focusing on the Digital Enquirer Kit, they completed all four modules in a collaborative learning circle, where each participant led a chapter and received constructive feedback from peers. The ToTs wasted no time in leveraging their training, facilitating two impactful workshops.

“Working with Tactical Tech has been a life-changing experience for me, both professionally and personally. Their vision of a safe digital world perfectly aligns with my desire to be a digital literacy champion. The partnership has provided me with invaluable resources, knowledge, and strategies for engaging my audience and cultivating a culture of responsible digital citizenship. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to partner with Tactical Tech and contribute to the development of a more informed and responsible digital community.” — Yusuf

Between writing and publishing this partner showcase page, he has continued his work and trained many more young people and adults.

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Last updated on: 8/8/2023