Training Young People and Starting a Movement in the Ivory Coast

Ubunteam is an organization in the Ivory Coast made up primarily of volunteers working to promote open source software, digital inclusion, and defending digital rights. Ubunteam train journalists, activists, and students on open source software, digital privacy, and digital security.

Ubunteam's logo which reads: "Ubunteam: Join us, learn, get free" Logo courtesy of Ubunteam

Ubunteam first got in touch with the Data Detox Kit in 2019, responding to our Open Call for Partners, with the plan of translating some of our materials into French. This initial partnership with them came at a critical time, just after the Data Detox Kit had completely revised and expanded the core content. After the core materials became available in French, they printed 1000 copies of the Data Detox Kit in French, adapting the format into a stapled booklet. They knew then that they wanted to run workshops where they could distribute the Data Detox Kits, but it was not until the next year when they were able to turn their concept into a reality.

In 2021, Ubunteam applied to become a partner with the Digital You initiative, in which they developed a series of training programs focused on Data Detox Kit topics that they called “Digital Detox Days”. In 2022, Ubunteam ran five unique Digital Detox Days reaching a total of 330 participants.

Photo of trainer with a microphone, seated in front of a computer, in front of the sign for the Digital Detox Days Photo courtesy of Ubunteam

Ubunteam organized their sessions on various topics of the Data Detox Kit as well as by participant age (13-18 versus 19-35) and gender (two of the 13-18 years old sessions were for girls).

“The Data Detox Kit as a main training resource helped us a lot to educate participants and give them concrete answers to questions related to their digital life and all the new topics we covered (abusive data collection/surveillance/digital wellbeing...), the printed version of the kit also allowed us to provide participants with a summary of all the tips they have been learning.” — Brahem, Founder and Trainer

Full classroom with adolescent students seated in front of computer screens, listening to the trainer Photo courtesy of Ubunteam

The Digital Detox Days sessions were highly interactive, encouraging participants to ask questions and get involved.

Large group of young adults standing in a circle and sharing Photo courtesy of Ubunteam (Faces have been hidden using Gimp’s blur tool)

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Last updated on: 12/22/2022