Data Detox x Youth

Data Detox x Youth is an activity book to help young people take control of their tech. This interactive toolkit encourages young people to think about different aspects of their digital lives, from their social media profiles to their passwords, with simple activities for reflection and play.

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Also available in العربية (Arabic), Basque, Brazilian Português, Čeština (Czech), Deutsch (German), Español, Français (French), ქართული ენა (Georgian), Ελληνικά (Greek), Hrvatski (Croatian), Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Português, Română, Türkçe and Shan.

What’s inside?

The activity book contains four sections:

  • Digital Privacy, which focuses on reducing data traces and understanding online profiling;
  • Digital Security, with tips on creating strong and secure passwords;
  • Digital Wellbeing, which deals with the addictive nature of smartphones;
  • and finally Misinformation, a guide for consuming and sharing information online.

Data Detox Youth printed out

Who is it for?

The toolkit is designed for 11 to 16-year-olds who already have their own devices, but it can be used by people of all ages. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet, a printer and something to write with.

Places where the Data Detox x Youth could be used:

  • In a classroom (or virtual classroom)
  • At home
  • By youth groups and organisations (e.g. in a workshop)

Why was it made?

In 2018, Tactical Tech launched a youth initiative to address the third of the world’s internet users who are under the age of 18. In the past few years, there has been an increasing demand from educators, parents and young people themselves to create timely, practical resources that speak to young people about their daily struggles and experiences of growing up in a world driven and shaped by digital technologies.

How was it made?

Data Detox x Youth was made with funding from the European Union and in collaboration with our partners Save the Children Italy and IFLA. It is part of The Glass Room Misinformation Edition, another Tactical Tech project which seeks to explore how social media and the web have changed the way we read information and react to it.

Tell us what you think!

We are actively seeking feedback for the Data Detox x Youth so we can continue to make it relevant for its users. Please email Helderyse at and answer any or all of the questions below:

  1. Tell us about yourself, e.g. are you a parent, educator, young technology user?
  2. Where did you use the Data Detox x Youth?
  3. How many Data Detox x Youth did you print?
  4. Which parts worked? And which parts didn’t work so well?
  5. Is there anything missing from Data Detox x Youth?
  6. Any further notes on how we can improve the resource?

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Last updated on: 4/14/2021